DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving at Orion Apartments

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Are you thinking of decorating for fall 2021? Getting the best interior décor during this time can be daunting with the holidays that come in a row. It would be best to use unique fall décor in place of typical fall decorations instead of swapping Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving. Try these simple and easy decorations available for your apartment at Orion that will transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Why DIY?

DIY is the most suitable way to practice lifestyle as the world shifts to a green life. It focuses on recycling and upcycling to ensure you keep the environment around you safe. You will also move away from using chemicals and dangerous toxins that pollute the environment.

Most DIY projects are also cost-effective, and you will save on money you would need to buy premade products.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

There is a variety of trending décor you can use this coming fall, such as:

Pumpkins and gourds

Use pumpkin decorations throughout the holiday season. They usually last longer, especially those with no carvings. They will therefore transit seamlessly from Halloween to Thanksgiving. You can paint them, but it is best to avoid scary looks.

Fall foliage or artificial leaves

Leaves are incredibly versatile, and you can sprinkle them around vases to create a cute centerpiece. Check out some artificial leaves you can buy.

Halloween candy

Candy corn and candy pumpkins can make a smooth transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. However, stick to the candy without typical Halloween colorings or wrappings.

Pretty printables

You can have one dedicated picture frame that you swap the printable for each season while maintaining the same picture frame.

Suitable Apartment Living For All

Green apartment living and beautiful views are found only in Orion Apartments in Oakland. Here you can enjoy fantastic interior décor with premium finishes to make all seasons unique. Contact us today to learn more about Orion.

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