I Heart Alameda/Oakland Estuary and You Can Too

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Orion is located on the historic Oakland waterfront where work, play and the everyday are celebrated.  Here, you’ll find plenty of parks to stretch your legs – where natural beauty and unmatched sunsets never disappoint. When your front yard is the Oakland Estuary, you have a vested interest in keeping its natural beauty intact. Get involved!
If you would like to take an active part in keeping our waterfront scenic and pristine, look no further than the I Heart Alameda/Oakland Estuary group. Founded by Mary Spicer, the group was formed to clean up debris around the shores of the Jack London Aquatic Center and has recently expanded their efforts to include other beaches along the Oakland Estuary.
These beaches can fall victim to large amounts of garbage that overflow from the storm drains, or are cast aside from boats living in the area and wash in from the tides. Whatever its source, the waste causes environmental and aesthetic issues for the region.  Types of debris typically found in these waterfront areas include household garbage, aerosol cans, batteries, single-use plastics and food containers, construction and industrial items.

Rewarding Participation.  The I Heart Alameda/Oakland Estuary group organizes public water and shore cleanups approximately every six (6) months, on Earth Day in April and again on September 21st. These cleanup events draw anywhere from 50 to 250 volunteers and the volunteers gather an estimated 600 to 1000 pounds of garbage per cleanup.  With “on water” teams on kayaks and Stand Up paddle boards and “land” teams focused on the shorelines, it’s a comprehensive effort and a wonderful way to connect with nature and clean the waterways, all while having fun with like-minded community members. 

Always leave it better than you found it. Inspired by @maria.cerboni on the water; have a good time and give back all at the same time.  Follow @calkayak on Instagram. (Credit for below image).

California Canoe + Kayak, located mere steps from Orion at Brooklyn Basin, is celebrating 50-years in 2022! An avid support group/participant in this clean-up and many more – be sure to watch for organized events throughout the year in which you can be a part of the community and make a difference for your Oakland neighbors. 

image credit: I Love Alameda Estuary

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